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Greetings Wizards!

Registration for Angelic Heart II/III in New York is now open. The pre-requisites for this class are Angelic Heart I and Core Veil.

What happens in Angelic Heart II/III?

Angelic Heart is both a tools class and a transformational experience. The transmissions in this class give you the ability to make angelic structures and to channel angelic consciousness, one of the densest energies in VortexHealing. It's a supportive and blissful energy to explore new solutions for clients and to run on yourself. Angelic Heart is also a wonderful energy for groups.

In addition to getting advanced Angelic Heart tools for healing, the class creates personal transformation. During each transmission, an angel(s) comes into your spine to work with you in a direct and personal way on what you choose. This is your time of discovery and transformation. 

REGISTRATION (Please note that this class has an enrollment cap)

AH II-III (6 days)  Oct. 16-21

AH III (4 days) Oct 18-21

If you have taken AH II already, the AH III class runs from Oct. 18th to Oct. 21st. The tuition is for a four-day class but you are invited to join the 6-day class at no additional cost. Please register for AH III and let Hilary know if you will be starting on the 16th or the 18th.

AH II-III REPEATERS:  Repeaters receive a 25% discount.

There will also be a waiting list once the class is filled since there is an enrollment cap.