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ENROLLMENT FOR 2019 CLASSES OPENS ON JANUARY 1. To reserve a space, please email me at I will send you an enrollment reminder Jan 1st. 

The Magical Structures (5 days), Vortex Intensive (2 days), Sensing 1 (1 day) and Multi-Frequency and Merlin's Jewel (6 days) are being arranged for your group in Tempe Arizona. For other options closer to your location, please see the schedule page. 

All classes will be held in Tempe Arizona. Registration will be open January 1st for                                                             

Magical Structures and Vortex Intensive:   January 13th-19th   (Registration must be submitted by Jan 5th for early price)

Sensing 1: Psychic and Consciousness Development: Feb 24 (Registration must be submitted by Jan 24th for early price)

Multi-Frequency and Merlin's Jewel: February 25th-March 2nd  (Registration must be submitted by Jan 25th for early price)

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