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Angelic Heart I Registration

Greetings Wizards! Angelic Heart I is being offered directly after the London lineage shift. 

What happens in Angelic Heart?

Angelic Heart is both a tools class and a transformation experience. The transmissions in this class give you the ability to channel angelic consciousness, one of the densiest energies in VortexHealing. It's a supportive and blissful energy that helps client feel safe and find new solutions. Angelic Heart is also a wonderful energy for groups.

In addition to getting a new tool for healing, the class creates personal transformation. During each transmission, an angel(s) comes into your spine to work with you in a direct and personal way on what you choose. This is your time of discovery and transformation. We will also visit the Angelic Realm and take a tour of the Hierarchy of Angels.


Angelic Heart I requires LIfeform and Sensing I, or Jewel (Jewel level students do not need Sensing)


If you have questions about the class or registration, contact me at or text at +1-480-203-9624