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Personal Sessions

Work with the deepest place of your creation.

What is keeping you from health and happiness?

Your energy system is conditioned by your life experiences, your past life experiences, your ancestral line, and your karmic journey. Using the highest level of VortexHealing® Energetic Therapy, Manifesting Intention, as well as the connection to the Angelic Realm, personal sessions work through your issues on all levels, freeing your system to experience life fully. 

90 minute sessions:  $175  Package of three:  $450

60 minute sessions:  $125 Package of three:   $325

Each session includes a preliminary conversation by telephone or skype, energy work, and a follow up conversation about the session. (Please note that sessions are limited to scheduled time).

Explore yourself -- you are your journey!


Gailynn Carroll is a VortexHealing teacher and the channel for the Archangel Aisael. She has been an energy worker for 20 years and a VortexHealing teacher for 11 years. Having worked with 1000s of students and clients, she offers a heart-centered approach to wholeness and vitality.


Sessions, including energy work and any discussion, are not intended to be medical or psychological/therapeutic advice, or diagnosis, or treatment. You are encouraged to seek the advice of your medical doctor or therapist prior to beginning sessions and at any time while receiving sessions.