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Registration Information

To register by mail, please click on the following link and print out the registration form in PDF format. Mail the completed form together with your check or money order to the address at the bottom of the form:

Registration Form and Prices 2018 

To register through this website, use PayPal buttons below. If you are paying a different amount, use on the PayPal site. (You do not need to submit a form, but please send an email to confirm to If you are paying for more than one class, you can use on the paypal website to make one payment rather than using each paypal button below.

"Early Bird Special" only applies to registration at least 30 days prior to the starting date of the class. Any unpaid balances using PayPal must be paid prior to the beginning of the class. Checks and cash are accepted at registration on the first day of class.

Find the class you are registering for in the list below and select the appropriate payment choice from the drop-down menu. Please Note: There is a button on the bottom right for those who are repeating a class.

Early Registration Discounts 2018: 

Discounts are offered when deposits are received  1 month before the start of class.

The discounts are:

$50 for 4-7 day classes
$30  for 1-3 day classes;

Deposits Amounts: 
$300 for 4-12 day classes; 
$200 for 3 day classes; 
Full payment for 1 and 2-day classes (½ of which is ‘deposit’ for refund purposes, and ½ of which is ‘balance’).

One-day Classes: Deepening with Merlin, Sensing I

Two-day Classes: Karmic Intensive, Sensing III, Sensing IV

Three-day Classes: Angelic Heart I, Sensing II, Presence, Inter-D

Four-day Classes: Breaking Timelines, Clearing the Kundalini Channel, Angelic Heart III, Angelic Heart IV

Five-day Classes: Core, Magical Structures, LifeForm

Six-day Classes: Multi-Frequency and Merlin's Jewel, Angelic Heart II+III (combined class)

 NOTE: Those who have taken Clearing the Kundalini as a 2-day or 3-day class may add the final days without repeating the days already taken. 





LIFEFORM (5 days)

PRESENCE (3 days)

Repeat Classes