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NOTE: This class is open to North and South America.

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Angelic Heart IV Feb 18-21

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The prerequisites for this class are Angelic Heart II-III and Original Veil.

What happens in Angelic Heart IV?

In AH IV class, you will receive transmissions to deepen the power and experience of angelic consciousness and enhance your connection to the angelic realm, making the connection direct and allowing the angels to work more deeply on physicality as well as emotional positions. In addition, there are transmissions to:

1. Channel Angelic Bliss which brings in an angelic energy at the cellular level, which feels like internal bliss or a melting confection.

2. Channel AH Transmission for Energetic Bodies to enhance perception in the emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric, and nervous system energetic bodies (for personal use)

3. Channel Angelic Blessing for the energetic of protection and hope.

4. Create a structure that will continuously spin as an Angelic Blessing Structure

As in prior angelic classes, the Angels come into your energetic system to facilitate the transmissions and deepen the transformational experience of the class. This transformational process only occurs in the class and involves angels working directly with you in a very personal way.