Awakening Responsibility Agreement



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Awakening is not something to be entered into lightly. With awakening, some amount of what you have experienced to be yourself falls away, putting you in an unfamiliar place. For some, the falling away of the false sense of self is a wonderful opening into freedom. For others, there can be confusion, or a sense of loss or emptiness. This can also create a struggle to get back to what is familiar; and when one struggles, other kinds of symptoms may be created. For many students, at some point in their awakening process, whether after the Core Veil class or another one, lots of old conditioning comes to the surface to be released, which can be overwhelming for a while. And for some students, there is little subjective sense of having changed with awakening. So, the awakening process is unique and individual, and the experience of it is completely subjective.

The undersigned acknowledge that they have read and understood the above paragraph and: (a) enter the awakening phase of VortexHealing® classes with an understanding of the potential risks of taking such classes, (b) that they take complete responsibility for their own personal process, including whatever physical or emotional symptoms may arise as part of their awakening process, whether during or after VortexHealing® classes, (c) agree that neither VortexHealing, Inc nor the teachers of VortexHealing® are responsible for any individual symptoms that may arise as a result of a student’s awakening process or taking VortexHealing® classes.


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