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Clearing the Kundalini Channel (4 days)

 Prerequisite: Foundational Training.

The focus of the class is to clean and evolve the kundalini channel (through which the kundalini energy runs), which gets quite gummed up, especially near the base of the spine. You receive a transmission specifically designed to clean out the kind of debris that blocks the kundalini channel (which can be used for yourself or others). This debris can get an almost tar-like consistency. The kundalini energy, aside from its uses as a vehicle for divine energy and for opening the upper chakras, is actually a core physical energy that feeds and strengthens the entire nervous system and body, as well as all the chakras (which also energize all the organs and all body systems). An open kundalini channel allows the kundalini to flow better, creating a much stronger and healthier physical body that is both more energized and more relaxed.

This won’t be yoga-kundalini type class, where the breath is used to try to crank up the kundalini. When the channel is open, the kundalini rises naturally and gently. Conversely, when the channel is blocked and the energy is forced up the channel with intense kundalini-breathing exercises, strong disturbing symptoms can result. Students who have cleared their channel report both increased energy and a deeper sense of peace, both effects of the strengthening and smoothing out of the nervous system. In addition, for at least a while after the channel is cleared, some students report a sense of oceanic expansion. Everyone’s kundalini channel should be clear by the end of the last day of class. In addition, there is a deep bridging of divinity into the core of the kundalini energy, evolving it and activating the core of the nadi system there. On the 4th day, the ‘plug’ at the bottom of the kundalini channel is cleared, which allows more 5th-dimensional energy to flow into the channel and into the kundalini energy, feeding the core of the body from a deeper level.

Note: the increased body energy created by this class may ‘stir up your system’ for a while.