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DWM May 20

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Deepening in Meditation with Merlin (1 day)

Prerequisite: Foundational Training

This class is designed specifically to help you, from wherever you are, to go deeper. There is an ongoing transmission in the class, which will do different things at different times, and different things for different people. It may facilitate a deepening of your heart, create more inner silence, bridge your nervous system into a deeper connection with divinity, or open your being more to divinity, etc.

As you meditate in class, Merlin will work with you and deepen you according to what your inner development needs are at the time. For those of you with a meditation practice, the class will also, naturally, deepen that.

The format of the class is simply being with Merlin as you meditate with the Merlin mantra. Each repeating of this class starts from where you are at the time and takes you deeper from there.