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This class is open to: Region 3: Northwest & West Coast of US (including CA, OR, WA, WY, MT, UT, ID, NV), SW US states (including AZ, NM & TX), Western Canada, and these US states: OK, AK, HI, CO.

Karmic Intensive Oct 9-10

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Karmic Intensive (2 days) 

     Prerequisite: Magical Structures.

                The intention of this class is to generate a very intense karmic acceleration and to evolve the energy system. The 2 days will be spent entirely doing a Vortex meditation specific for this class (which creates a lot of movement in the karmic body) and using VortexHealing tools to keep catching up the system to the movements created by the meditations. The class will also help the student to develop their awareness of the vital web, which promotes the development of their psychic awareness, both in general and for tuning into the energy systems of clients.