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Multi-Frequeny and Merlin's Jewel


Multi-Frequency & Merlin’s Jewel (6 days) 

     Prerequisite: 1 Vortex Intensive or 1 Earthshift & Energy System Intensive.

This class gives the student new tools to enable conditioning to be released far more quickly, as well as to get at certain deeper levels of conditioning that could not be effectively worked on beforehand. These new tools are:      

  • Multi-Frequency contains millions of life-frequencies and all the color variations of light, in dense and homeopathic form. It can be used to release, to harmonize, to nurture or to ‘re-set’ various system in the body.
  • Oneness Frequency specifically breaks down the vibration of separateness in the human personality, releasing attachment and identification, and thus breaking down our emotional/karmic and ego positions, as well as some of our ‘attachment webbing’. It can also be used as a meditation.
  • LifeEssences are pure energetic nourishment. They combine the energies of crystals, herbs, colors, and vibration, with the intention of nourishing different organs, systems, and conditions. LifeEssences come in dense and homeopathic forms.
  • Merlin’s Jewel enables you to make a new kind of energetic structure that has many uses, including the making of portals to bring in energy from other places and dimensions. Merlin’s Jewel is also the basis for Omega (see below) and the post-Omega VortexHealing classes. One can meditate on the heart of this Jewel.
  • Crystal Energy is a dense, stabilizing energy that can be channeled as crystal structures or as "liquid crystal" energy. It is excellent for breaking up various kinds of congestions. Crystals emanating homeopathic frequencies can also be made, as well as energetic gemstones, enabling the creation of a complete “Crystal-Gem Treatment”, which will work by itself without conscious channeling for 20 minutes, once it is set up, so you can create one just before going to sleep.
  • The Merlin Chip enables you to program MF and/or Oneness Frequency and/or LifeEssences to run in the background and enables you to channel these energies at full strength with one intention.
  • All Energetics is a composite transmission that enables the simultaneous channeling of Multi-Frequency, Oneness Frequency, LifeEssences, Crystal Energy, the 49 forms of Vortex Energy, and some Running of Divine Lines, with a single intention.
  • Grounding Frequency is a special frequency that when channeled for about 30 minutes, permanently grounds the system in a new way.
  • Body-Harmonic Frequency is a special frequency that is like delta brain waves, which is associated with deep sleep. When channeled, it helps the system, or particular traumas, to deeply relax and let go. It can also be used as a meditation.
  • Homeopathic Wizard Thread is a special form of wizard thread that can create homeopathic effects.
  • Transforming De-Toxing Energy is a unique transmission for manifesting this kind of energy.