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Patrick: (31)(0)681949313


Please download the Zoom app on your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. You cannot log in through your browser as it limits the features available.

You are required to have a working camera and microphone as well as reliable internet. (You cannot call in on the telephone—you have to be visible on camera)

Class meets 3 PM to 11 PM Amsterdam time.

All class hours required.

The Angels look forward to seeing you!

ANGELIC HEART 1 Registration

Angelic Heart 1 Online

Please note: Classes have a cap on registration. 


What happens in Angelic Heart I?

Angelic Heart 1 gives you the ability to channel angelic consciousness as supportive and blissful energy that helps clients feel safe and find new solutions.

In addition to the transmission for healing, the class creates personal transformation. During each transmission, an angel(s) comes into your spine to work with you in a direct and personal way on what you choose.

This is your time of discovery and transformation.

We will also visit the Angelic Realm and work with Angelic Mantras.