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Omega & the Karmic Body (7 days) 

     Prerequisite: LifeForm.

Omega takes Merlin’s Jewel, which was given in MF class, and empowers it to work at a level that is a huge jump from the classes that preceded it. Merlin’s Jewel is a structure of pure divine magic that functions as a hologram of all creation. Whatever issue you are working on, in yourself or someone else, is already inside the Jewel. From the Jewel we construct an Omega Ball, which enables us to use this hologram of the universe to manifest healing. Omega works deeply enough to be able to release the outer weave of the 5th dimensional level of our conditioning as well as what we call the ‘pre-karmic’ level.  The effect of being able to work on our issues on this level is truly astounding.

There are 13 forms or unique expressions of Omega, each of which acts in a very different area of the energy system and consciousness. There is General Omega, Physical Omega, Omega Fire, Omega Essences, Spirit of Omega, Omega Truth, Omega Information, Omega Energy, Omega Crystal Energy, Omega Mantras, Karmic Body Omega, Omega LifeForm and Interdimensional Omega. They can be channeled separately or all at once. In addition, there is an advanced form of Genetics taught (for those who have taken the Vortex Genetics class) and there is a transmission for channeling Divine Fire. Divine Fire is the most effective tool in VortexHealing (until Jewel class) for knocking out acute and chronic infections of any type. It literally burns up the protein walls of the DNA of the infecting virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite.

Omega Essences are the first tool to be able to transform some of history that is part of the actual structure of the DNA.Karmic Bodies transmission, which was originally a separate class called Karmic Body Release, is now incorporated into this class. This is the first transmission that enables you to release through all the layers of the karmic body, which is the key storage place for all of our personal karmic drama, which generates about half of our historical emotional conditioning. (The other half comes from our ancestral history in the DNA.)In this class we also learn to do ‘Reality Shifts’ using the 13th chakra (about 60 feet above the head). This is similar to the technique of breaking a TimeLine, but much deeper. Not all students in class will be able to do this, though. Some students will need further energetic development before their system is able to perform a Reality Shift. For those who have also taken InterDimensional Vortex, that class enables Omega to use the Interdimensional Bridge, enabling it to run about 10% deeper.