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Repeating Classes

You may repeat classes for a 25% discount.

Please note: Meditation and Awakening classes are not given a repeat discount.

Contact the class organizer before repeating to make sure that there is an opening in the class.

One-day classes: Sensing 1 and Deepening in Meditation with Merlin

Two-day classes: Karmic Intensive; Sensing III

Three-day classes: Angelic Heart 1; Sensing II; Presence 

Four-day classes: Clearing the Kundalini Channel (CKC); Breaking Timelines; Angelic Heart IV

Five-day classes: Foundational; Magical Structures; LifeForm; Angelic Heart II/III

Six-day classes: Multi-Frequency and Merlin's Jewel


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One-day Classes

Two-day Classes

Three-day Classes