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CLASSES (Except Angelic Heart, Sensing 1, and Deepening with Merlin) ARE RESTRICTED TO STUDENTS WHO LIVE IN THE WEST WHERE I TEACH or WHO HAVE TAKEN A PREREQUISITE CLASS WITH ME (any primary class). (The rules for registering in online classes are different from in-person classes).
If you are uncertain about whether you can register in a class, please email me at
NOTE: Refunds for registering without permission are charged a fee.

07-Oct-20 11-Oct-20 Foundational (5 days) Online 

Gailynn: (+1)480-203-9624

04-Nov-20 08-Nov-20 Foundational for Repeaters (5 days) Online

Gailynn: (+1)480-203-9624

11-Nov-20 15-Nov-20 Magical Structures (5 days) Online

Gailynn: (+1)480-203-9624

Please use the Europe link to see dates for AH 1 and AH 2/3 ONLINE for European students.