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Sensing I: Psychic and Consciousness Development

     Prerequisite: Magical Structures.

This class is designed to promote psychic and consciousness development and in a way that supports the evolution of the individual’s spiritual consciousness. For many psychics, the act of ‘seeing’ is divorced from their being and gets them more ‘in their head’. Here, the development is designed to integrate the seeing/sensing into the sense of being, so that seeing pulls the perceiver into being, and so that resting in being feeds the ability to see. But this class is not just about psychic development but also about the evolution of ordinary consciousness. For instance, if someone is ungrounded, they will be pulled towards a more grounded place. For someone who has difficulty with focus, the transmissions will help them to focus better. For someone who avoids their emotions, the transmissions will help them to experience what they are avoiding. So, all the transmissions are working both to bridge consciousness into a deeper awareness and more ‘psychic’ perception, as well as to align perception in a way that facilitates spiritual growth and awakening.

This is one of the few classes where repeating the class deepens the transmission.

In 2015, the transmission for this class went through a very deep upgrade, but only about 60% of that new piece can be given the first time this 1-day class is taken. The rest comes in either the second time the class is taken or during Sensing III. The upgrade deeply densifies the transmission into the body.

Note that for students who have lost their Core Veil and are repeating this class, it also acts as an energetic embodiment for their awakening.