Student Responsibility Agreement



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VortexHealing® is a very powerful healing art. Therefore, it is to be expected that various situations can arise from studying or practicing this healing art. Certain problems, either physical or emotional, may be alleviated. Deep mystical experiences can occur, as well as life-change realizations. But sometimes, suppressed emotions or physical tensions may receive enough healing energy to be pushed to surface, so they can be released or resolved, and this process may create various emotional or physical symptoms. Deep healing is a process that is intended to create changes in one’s life, and those changes can manifest physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is all part of the healing process.


The undersigned acknowledge that they have read and understood the above paragraph and:

     Agree (a) that neither VortexHealing, Inc nor the teachers of VortexHealing are responsible for any individual symptoms that may arise as a result of taking VortexHealing classes or practicing VortexHealing, (b) that they will take personal responsibility for whatever physical or emotional symptoms may arise as part of the healing process of taking VortexHealing classes or practicing VortexHealing, (c) that they will adhere both to the basic Code of Ethics for VortexHealing practitioners and to the Class Drug Policy while attending class (both presented in class and posted online), (d) that class tuitions are not for any transmissions or awakening movements that may occur in class (which are provided by the divine source of the lineage), but are simply for the teacher’s time and (e) that VortexHealing teachers are neither medical practitioners nor psychotherapists. Although they may comment on the nature of body energetics and consciousness in relation to disease and mental health, it is understood that these comments are not intended as medical advice for any course of action for any medical or mental health issues that the undersigned or their clients may have.

     Agree for VortexHealing to store signee's contact information. Info is accessible only by VortexHealing and its staff, never sold to or shared with 3rd parties. Privacy Policy is posted online.


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